Ten Ideas For A Great Recital Program

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Recital Programs are a great way to share with parents about all of the successes that you have had in the past year.  Here are 10 Ideas for  your Recital Programs. 

Title Page - Your front page should include your logo, date of recital, location, theme and any other important information. 

Information Page - This page could include a welcome note from you or your staff and general information or reminders about your show.  Common reminders are silencing your phone, avoid moving while performers are in their performance. avoid flash photography and information about recording your show.  

Student List - You can list all of your students in alphabetical order or for each class or each routine that they participate in for your recital. 

Show Order - This is probably the page that is the most important to your audience because they'll want to see when their performer is going to be on stage. 

Advertisements - With some planning, you can increase your revenue by having your students sell advertisements to local businesses.  Provide the students with a personal benefit for selling advertisements, such as, 20% of all sales are credited to your student account. Give awards for your Top Seller. Be sure to approach businesses that will have their target market in your audience. A few ideas are salons, auto repair shops, cookie or ice cream shops, home improvement, children's dentists or orthodontists or indoor parks like a trampoline park. Acknowledge your Top Seller in your recital program and share how much they earned towards their tuition.  

Senior Tributes - Celebrate the accomplishments of your Seniors with pictures and a good luck wish. 

Good Luck Wishes - Have students or teachers write good luck wishes and include those.  Some groups charge a small fee for the good luck wishes. 

Summer or Fall Classes - Be sure to include information about your Summer or Fall class and how to register. Give a bonus for registering by a certain date! 

Staff Profiles - Include a page dedicated to sharing information about your staff and their accomplishments or their best memories from this year. 

Here are just a few ideas for making your Recital Program an effective tool in growing and retaining your students. 


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