Summer Camps - A Win For Students And For You!

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If you follow me on any of my social media for Baton Twirling Unlimted, you know that I am pumped about our upcoming Summer Season! Summer is an absolutely fantastic time to recruit for your school year season.  Students that may not try your program for the school year or want to try a "new sport" like baton twirling are likely to try something for a shorter session. I've also heard great feedback from our families about the Day Camps. In a busy and short Summer Season (we're in Minnesota so Summer literally lasts a few weeks), a day camp can be the perfect way for families to try your program! 

Here's my best tips for a great Summer Day Camp program.

1. Offer throughout the Summer. It's so tempting to take August off but many parents are busy with vacations and other commitments in June and July but would like for their child to try something in August. 

2. Pick a theme for your Day Camps. There's so many great ideas for themes so choose something that inspires you. After all, you have to create a lesson plan around that theme.  

3. Offer a wide variety of activities in your Day Camp. Unless your kids are super motivated and a little bit older, 3 or more hours of straight twirling is probably too much for kids so add crafts, games to your lesson plan. 

4. Overschedule! Overschedule! Sometimes your activities take longer than you expected and sometimes kids whiz through your activities. The worst feeling is trying to keep kids busy without a plan of what to do. We overschedule our camps by 30 minutes. Rarely do we need it but when we do, it's nice to have something to use. 

5. Use your camps to promote your other classes and camps! When parents drop-off and pick-up use that opportunity to connect with parents and don't be afraid to ask for them to return. 

Looking to save time and energy? Check out our one of our pre-planned camps.  You'll get a complete lesson plan where you can literally print our instant download and implement it within a few minutes (there is a shopping list for your crafts so be sure to give yourself time to gather those). As of the time that we wrote this blog post, we've got our Encanto camp outline and lesson plan available and we'll be adding more very soon!


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