Seven Ideas For Student Recital Gifts

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

As we enter May, many studios and programs will be offering an end of the year celebration or recital and one way to celebrate your students is to give them a recital gift. Here  are ten ideas for inexpensive gifts to provide to your students:

  • Cup - we personalized cups for each of our students with our studio name and filled the cup with candy. Here's the one we used:
  • Hair Scrunchie - we added a tag that had a message from the staff at our studio.  Here's the scrunchies we used:
  • Chapstick - we added a personalized tag that told them to smile big! We bought these at the dollar store. 
  • Pop sockets - when pop sockets were all the rage, we gave each student a pop socket that said "TWIRLER" on it. 
  • Popsicles - we brought popsicles in coolers to our recital and gave each student a popsicle at the end of the show! 
  • Tumbler - we personalized these tumblers with the name of our studio and gave one to each student. Here's what we purchased:
  • Blow Pops - we attached a good luck with a catchy phrase that said, Smile Big and Blow the Audience Away. This was a very inexpensive option. 
No matter what your budget is, a recital gift can be a sweet way to end your year and make your students feel special on their big day!

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