Returning to Baton? Here's a few ideas for things to practice!

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

Welcome back twirlers! We have talked to literally hundreds of former twirlers that  are looking to pick up a baton and begin twirling now that we are at home a little more than we used to be. And, so many twirlers are asking us what should I practice? Where should I start? 

First, check out our sister company, Baton Twirling Unlimited's YouTube page. 

Second, start with your basics! Figure 8, Horizontal,  Side Wrist twirls. 

Third, Add a few dance steps to those  basics to get your body back into moving with your baton! 

Fourth, practice thumb flips! From beginner to advanced, the thumb flip is a great trick to practice and work on speed, control and toss height. 

Want more ideas? Join our affordable video group for access to over 200 current and past videos of tricks and combinations! Click here to learn more! 

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