Fall Games For Your Twirlers!

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

Whether you are a parent helping your twirler at home or a baton teacher wanting to add a fun element to your class, you will love these easy to prep games for your twirlers. 

Find leaf cut-outs or make your own with paper. Arrange the cut-outs on the floor (be sure that  they are secured so that your twirler doesn't slip). Start the activity by having your twirler jump with one foot then two feet from leaf to leaf.  Re-arrange the leaves to encourage leaping higher or farther.  

Next, add the baton and encourage your twirler to start with basic twirls (such as figure 8, horizontals and work up to tosses (if their level allows). 

Arrange your leaves in a square or rectangular shape and have your twirler, chasse, jump like an animal, do kicks from one leaf to the next until they go around the square or rectangle. Add the baton to this game and then add music. Use fast or slow music to encourage your twirler to twirl faster or slower. 

Enjoy this Fall game with your favorite twirler! 

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