Dance Scarves - A Powerful Tool in Your Teaching Toolbox

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If you are teaching young children, props can be a fantastic way to add to the learning that is happening in your class.  One of the staples in my classes for 3-5 years olds is the Dance Scarves.  These scarves have bright colors and are versatile for so many activities.  Here's 3 activities that incorporate scarves for preschool age classes. 

Use scarves to teach about space and tempo in your class.  Play fast music and wave the scarves fast then slow the music down and dance with the scarf at a slower pace.  Use the scarves to illustrate high on your toes, down very low, behind your back, at your toes.  

Use scarves to teach catching! Young twirlers are probably just developing hand-eye coordination and using a scarf to teach how to do an open hand toss and catch is a very safe way that builds confidence and hand-eye coordination. 

Use scarves as a part of an obstacle course.  To build an obstacle course, create a starting point with a dance carpet or spot. We use these spot markers:

Pick the same color to be your starting point every week then create the first "obstacle." I typically have students practice leaps on the first part of the obstacle course.  Once we practice the leaps then I add another spot marker for the next place to go. Here I have them practice something that we have learned that day (kicks, lunges, a new twirl). Once we have done the two obstacles then I add a third, fourth and fifth (if they are old enough to handle that many steps). Usually in step 3, I add a ribbon and their challenge is to stretch as tall as they can with the ribbon then drop it and see if they can catch it before it hits the floor. 

The kids love the challenge of the obstacle course and it is a great way to practice several different concepts in class. 

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