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Since we manufacture all of our batons at our warehouse here in Minnesota, we can customize so many of our products to fit  your needs! Here's a few customizations that we have done for customers:

Can you make a fire staff shorter than 48"? Absolutely! We can make a fire baton or fire staff in whatever size you would like. 

Can you make a baton longer than 32"? Absolutely! We can make a baton up to 49" long. 

Can you make a baton  with two balls or two tips? Definitely! We just shipped out a 38" baton with two balls instead  of a ball and a tip. 

Can I do a double  flag baton with one flag? Not a problem! 

Can I make the blade of the twirling knife thinner? Absolutely! 

Whatever you can think of, we can work with you to try to create the best products for you! Call us at 651-705-6631 and we'll be happy to talk through your ideas and customization.  And, the most important question... Is customization expensive? Good question! Many times the customizing does not cost more than the product typically would... When we do have to do a price increase is if the customization takes a long time for our staff to complete or if different materials need to be ordered.  Either way, call us and we will give you all of the details and options so you can make a choice!


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