Be Organized and Prepared for Class with A Teaching Binder.

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Whether you are a new or experienced teacher, you may find having an organized teaching binder an important part of a successful class.  Today, I'm sharing how we stay prepared and organized for classes with a teaching binder.  

First, I use this binder that I order off of Amazon:

It's inexpensive and comes in fun colors. I keep one binder for all of my classes. One of my teachers keeps a separate binder  for each class so you should choose what works best for you. 

My first page is my  vision board. Vision boards are a collection of photos and words that visually  represent your goals and what you  are working towards. I created my vision board in Canva and put it as my first page in my binder.  This visually reminds me of what my purpose and goals are for myself. 

Immediately following my vision board, I have our curriculum. I use page protectors to protect my documents.  Here's a link to the page protectors that I use:

I like this Amazon brand because it is thick enough that it doesn't rip or tear throughout the year. I keep all 7 levels of our curriculum  in my  binder so that I can always access that information should I need some inspiration about what to teach. 

After my curriculum, I keep a copy of games and activities download.  By keeping both the curriculum and games and activities download in my  binder, I can easily plan for the entire week when I am sitting in my car. 

Following the games and activities, I keep quite a few  of the  class downloads that we have on our Teacher Resources page. I don't always use these activities but they are nice to have on the occasion where I have only a couple of students in class or I need the kids to do independent practice.  I keep about 10 copies of my favorite practice sheets. My personal favorites are:

Positive Mindset worksheet

Customized Practice Sheet

Batonland Game

Practice Sheet

In the front pocket of the binder, I keep an assortment of stickers that I give to students and in a zippered bag in my  binder, I keep lots of pens, a measuring tape, tennis tape for batons, a package of gum, mints and lotion. 

I also keep a clipboard that isn't attached to my binder but I keep it inside my binder and I keep my attendance rosters and lesson plans for the month on the clipboard. Personally, I love having those 2 things on something that I can quickly grab and can also quickly write a note or two on it while in class. 

I plan for my classes using this worksheet:

Class Planning Worksheet

Feel free to use this worksheet by clicking on the link above and then choose "Save A Copy."  

And, that is about all that I keep in my  binder. Do you keep different things in your binder? Please share what you keep in yours! 


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