Baton Bags - How To Choose?

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Baton bags are a necessary accessory for twirlers and it can be hard to choose which one is the best for your twirler.  We will explain the different styles of cases and what twirlers love about each style.  

New twirlers often start with the Standard Sparkle Baton Case.  This case has one section to hold shoes, batons and any other supplies. My  new students always start with the Standard Sparkle Baton Case for several reasons.  First, who doesn't love something that sparkles?  The sparkle cases are beautiful and come in fun colors that twirlers love.  Color options include Aqua, Fuschia, Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, White, Black and Gold.  Whatever color my twirlers love, there's a case for them.  

Second, the price point is affordable for families of new twirlers.  Parents of new families may be hesitant to spend top dollar for twirling gear if their twirler is just starting so the relatively low price point is great for new and recreational twirlers. 

The next case that is available is the Deluxe Sparkle Baton Case. The Deluxe Sparkle Baton Case has two zippered pockets. The center pocket is ideal for shoes and batons while the side zippered pocket is excellent for shoes, hair and make-up supplies or other supplies. 

The Deluxe Sparkle Case comes in all of the great colors that  the Standard Case has! 

The second most popular case is the Professional Case. The professional case is ideal for the performance or competitive twirler because this case has 3 zippered pockets.  The center pocket is large enough to hold many batons and longer batons as well.  This case has two larger pockets on each side of the center pocket. The side pockets are roomy enough to hold more batons such as flag batons, ribbons or multiple pairs of shoes, make-up, notebooks (rolled up - of course), pens and whatever else your twirler needs to bring to practices and performances. The Professional Case comes in Aqua, Fuschia, Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, White, Black and Gold. 

If you've read this far, you're probably starting to decide on what one might be best for your twirler so here's my personal recommendation.  If your twirler is just starting classes, is young or is just starting competitions then I would recommend the Standard Sparkle Case.  If your twirler is a little bit older, competing, performing or has multiple batons then I would recommend the Professional Sparkle Case or Backpack (when that's available).  

If you're more of the video type of person, here's a video of the differences in the cases:

Also, if you have made it this far in reading (I get it - we all skim for the information that we need)... Don't forget to add a strap to your order.  One of the most common things I see families do is order a case. Then when the case arrives, they realize that they need a strap and have to order (and pay shipping again) for a strap. Straps come in white or black.  The white strap looks "sharp" with the white trim on each of the cases.  The black straps show dirt and grime less. 

The next type of baton twirling case that is growing in popularity is the backpack style.  We have a new style being introduced at the end of the month so check back to get all of the details on this style of baton backpack! I think you will love it! 

Have questions on cases? Let us know! 


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